Music on the SpectrumThe New Old School of Music takes pride in the ability of tailoring the curriculum to meet each student’s educational needs in a confidence-boosting atmosphere. As each individual within the Autism Spectrum is experiencing life differently, music provides the outlet which could help them manage better their communication, social interaction, tolerance to different sounds & vibrations, express & control feelings, keep a calm body, improve focus & motor skills, just to name a few benefits. Also, studies show that the part of the brain associated with music making is usually in perfect shape often resulting in heightened interest and response. Yes, this means that one day, music could become a career for many!

Almost each program we offer can be modified to allow those individuals with sensory difficulties time to adapt and progress at their own comfortable pace. We strongly encourage families to call and set up a one-on-one appointment with us before signing up for any group lessons. We would like to make sure the child, family, and teacher work together as a team and carefully plan routines, strategies as well as goals to best serve the child’s interest.

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