The Learning GrooveThe Learning Groove is new program specifically designed for children ages birth to 6 to participate with their guardian. It is based on a state-of-the-art early childhood curriculum created by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine, the author and music producer of the first four Pete the Cat books. The New Old School of Music has purchased the license and Ms. Mirela obtained her teaching certification with The Learning Groove company in order to offer this superior curriculum to our students.

In this program, your little groover will sing, dance, play instruments, shake eggs, beat drums, call & respond, clap, tap, laugh, skip, jump, pretend, learn, and listen to a Pete the Cat story at the end of the class. This program will also help develop rhythm, pitch & melody, language skills, motor coordination, interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, and preschool readiness. Research has shown that children who receive early music instruction have increased overall academic achievement. But more importantly, it is just good old fashioned FUN!

Each family will receive a CD which contains a customized selection of genres, key signatures, melodic patterns, tempos, rhythmic patterns, instruments and activities. In class, you learn the simple music enrichment activities that accompany the songs. Then, you listen to the CD at home to reinforce what you have learned.

The Learning Groove program offers 10 classes per session. Classes are once a week for 10 weeks and are 45 minutes long. Each session will introduce different curriculum material.


  • Fall 2017 beginning Saturday, September 9 at 9:30 A.M.


  • Payment MUST be made in full for the 10 lessons:
  • $185 for (10 weeks) first child
  • $150 the second child
  • Babies under 9 months are free
  • includes one music CD per family


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