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Semester Schedule

The New Old School of Music operates on a semester schedule. This means that we offer our clients 3 sessions a year:

  • Fall Semester (Sept.-Jan.),
  • Spring Semester (Feb. - June), and
  • Summer Semester (July -August)

Weekly Lessons

We are expecting our students to attend lessons and work on weekly basis to ensure continuity and their progress. Twice-a-week lessons are also accepted for students 13 year of age or older.


We accept registrations about one month prior to the beginning of each semester. It is necessary for our students to fill out a new registration form each semester so that we may have the most updated information on file, and also so our teachers receive the correct info prior to the first lesson of each new semester. Registration and Term forms must be signed, dated and returned before the deadline in order to secure your spot. Teachers are NOT permitted to teach students who have not submitted these forms.


If a student takes a semester off, but is sure that he/she will enroll the following semester, we strongly encourage them to Pre-Register to ensure that we will be able to accommodate him/her. This strategy is especially encouraged during the summer months when we typically are booked by mid-August for most programs in the Fall. Pre-registration is also urged for new students who wish to reserve a place of an upcoming semester. A pre-registration form may be obtained from the office at any time. Your pre-registration deposit will be applied to your tuition.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is priced according to the length of lesson and the particular semester calendar. Due to contractual obligations with our instructors and staff, tuition is to be paid by the semester. We accept cash, check and credit cards via PayPal. A discount is given to students who pay their tuition in full before the start of the semester. We are happy to try to accommodate your individual needs, shall that be necessary. The members of our faculty are professional music instructors with years of specialized training. They all rely on their teaching income to live. Therefore, we have adopted and abide by payment and scheduling policies which ensure their continued income which allows our teachers to dedicate their energy to helping others create and enjoy music.

Late Payment Policy

A default charge of 1.5% per month of the unpaid balance will be charged if payment has not been received within ten days of the due date.

Returned Checks

We reserve the right to charge a $35.00 fee for each returned check.

Lesson Withdrawal/Refund Policy

In order to withdraw and receive financial credit, students must submit a written withdrawal letter to The New Old School of Music, LLC’s office. Registration is based on a semester commitment. Therefore, unless a written withdrawal letter is submitted within the first month, the remaining tuition installments are expected to be paid on time according to the above schedule. Non-attendance DOES NOT constitute a withdrawal.

Written termination letter from student received

  • Before the first lesson: 100% refund
  • Within the first 2 weeks: 50% refund
  • After the 2nd week: NO REFUNDS

Makeups/Cancellation Policy

We understand that music lessons are an investment and an expense. Our instructors try their very best to make up lessons cancelled by students if at least 24 hour notice has been given. However, please note that the ONLY guaranteed makeups are for teacher absences and weather cancellations. Makeup days are provided in our semester schedules. If a student cannot make up a lesson during the designated makeup periods, the lesson is forfeited. All makeup lessons must be completed during the current semester and cannot be rolled over to the next.

* Please note that these policies are in accordance with the recommended professional policies of the Music Teachers National Association and are specially designed to allow teachers to devote their continued energy to helping other people create and enjoy music.

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