By booking your child’s birthday with The New Old School of Music, all your guests will enjoy 1 hour of:

  • Fun listening and exploring real instruments, sing, dance, and listen to a musical story
  • Explore rhythms through creative and fun activities using gathering drums, the parachute and the stretchy band or the boomwhackers
  • Experience multiple music genres, songs of different cultures sung in other languages


  • The New Old School of Music will provide water, coffee and basic paper goods ONLY for the parties booked at our school.
  • You bring your own food and desert and will have another hour to enjoy the yummy treats and your friends' company
  • Children 3 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.
  • We welcome and encourage all parents to stay for the party!


  • $225 up to 15 children
  • $300 up to 20 children


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